The Importance of Nutrition for Community Health Workers

December 10, 2021

Being a community health worker is a difficult job at times. It seems like at times that when you are trying to address certain health issues that are some difficulty at times especially when it comes to nutrition. Nutrition is a very important component when community health workers are doing their work. Nutrition is the key to a lot of the health issues that are faced in society such as health disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. Community health workers must always make sure they preach a healthy lifestyle through nutrition because if people are eating healthy then their risk of developing chronic illnesses or diseases in the future is decreased.

One thing that has to be remembered with nutrition is that the community health workers have to know the economic and environmental status of the people they are teaching too. A community health worker makes a number of suggestions about nutrition, and the community they are talking to are able to do what they suggest based on their status. The worker has to tailor the nutrition recommendations based on the economic status of that community as well the environment. 


Nutrition is something that is often ignored when addressing health issues at times. It is important when addressing a number of health issues. As a community health worker it is important that nutrition is always being addressed. 

- Ashley Mason, IHELP Intern

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