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    At International H.E.L.P. we believe the most effective way to make a lasting change in a community is to work directly with people who are already a part of the community — who know the language and culture, who have the community’s trust, and who will be there long after we leave. For this reason, we always start every project  partnering with a local organization. This could be another nonprofit, a church, a community group…. we are simply looking for a group of people from the community who are already working to empower their people and make their communities better. These partner organizations then invite us in to their communities and introduce us to the people (rather than us trying to come barging in to a community letting the people know we know what’s best and have come to change things — that doesn’t often foster constructive relationships and sustainable change).

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    We are looking for students who desire to make a lasting impact in a disadvantaged population by helping to develop a health program. We partner with established organizations to assess health needs and local resources, develop a sustainable health program, and train local community health workers.

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