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2024 spring interns
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Meet our 2024 Spring Interns and Volunteers

This spring we have 2 incredible new interns joining us for the semester! Olatunde will be helping us develop an advanced training to further educate, empower, and equip our Community Health Workers we have previously trained. Galia will be helping us with our social media accounts to reach a larger audience and share our mission with more people, as well as using analytics to track our interactions and engagement. We also have 2 volunteers joining us as well! Sarah will be working on an advanced maternal health training assessment, and Casee will be improving our training materials. See below what they will be focusing on in more detail, and learn about who they are!


Olatunde (Ola): He will be developing an advanced first aid training, similar to our advanced maternal health and nutrition trainings we have done in the past. He will be creating a first aid certification that covers topics that go beyond what we teach in the initial CHW training on first aid.

Galia: She will be doing more than just creating social media content, she will also be researching the best methods on how to use different platforms and how to expand our reach. Using our analytics on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms she will help us engage more with our followers and cater our posts to what people like to see the most.

Sarah: She will focus on helping develop an assessment tool for our advanced maternal health certification.

Casee: She will help improve our training materials by adding more practical information for pain management, first aid, and general care based on her physical therapy knowledge and expertise.


Olatunde Oladipupo

I was born in Nigeria and am currently pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH) degree with a focus on Epidemiology at the University of Texas Health School of Public Health in Houston. As an International Medical graduate, my goal is to become a Family Physician in the USA. I am deeply committed to utilizing my expertise in Public Health to improve the well-being of underserved communities and enhance the overall health of the population, extending my impact beyond the patients I will care for in the clinic.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I have a strong passion for English Premier League soccer. During my free time, I relish spending quality moments with my wife and children outdoors, enjoying the beauty of the world around us.


Galia Yonaty 

Hi, My name is Galia Yonaty. I am studying graphic design and digital marketing at Santa Monica College. In my free time, I enjoy reading and baking. The organization’s crucial mission of educating communities on treating preventable diseases resonates with me deeply. In my role as a social media intern, I am eager to amplify and share the impactful work that International Help does.


Sarah Poirier

Hi my name is Sarah! I am in the second year of my MPH program at Saint Louis University, COE and I am concentrating in Maternal and Child Health. I have spent the last 9 months working on pre-assessment work with Title V at Vermont’s State Health Department. I am very excited to be working with IHELP for my capstone project and to have the opportunity to have an impact globally. I am passionate about reducing maternal mortality and closing the healthcare gap for historically marginalized communities. I enjoy hiking, trying new coffee shops, and traveling. I’m excited to join the IHELP team!


Casee Yarborough

Hello! My name is Casee. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Athletic Training and I currently work in injury prevention for airplane mechanics. I am excited to pass along my first aid and healthcare knowledge for the important work that IHELP is doing across the world. When I’m not working, I love being outside, especially if it’s sunny. I am from Fernandina Beach, Florida so I love anything to do with the water: surfing, kayaking, fishing, and swimming. On a similar note, I also love to exercise. Some of my favorite ways to stay fit are through weightlifting, yoga, or a team sport, like basketball, soccer, or flag football.


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2023BlogInternsMeet Our Team

Meet Our 2023 Spring Interns

This spring we have 5 incredible new interns joining our team. They will be helping us research for our upcoming projects in Guyana, El Salvador, and Honduras. Here is a list of what each intern will be focusing on this spring semester.

Nevin: Developing and finalizing our advanced certification in nutrition and first aid

Ayodele: Guyana and Curacao: Program planning for 2 new community projects.

Adriana: El Salvador: Program planning for new community project and translation.

Joyce: El Salvador: Program planning for advanced certification with current CHW’s in nutrition. Also, helping with translation and being the point of contact for a few of our current CHW groups

Erin: Honduras: Program planning for a new community project.


Nevin Varghese  

Nevin Varghese is a physician from Texas who enjoys patient care and teaching medicine. He considers himself an
educator and believes that the advancement of global health depends on education and research involving all levels of society. He is also completing Master of Public Health at Benedictine University, a strong interest he developed d
uring the Covid pandemic. The MPH program focuses on health policy, epidemiology, social and behavioral aspects of health, medical ethics, public health education, health and environment, biostatistics, and research methods. He believes that this path will help in advancing global healthcare and eliminate health disparities. Nevin is currently doing an Internship/Practicum with International Help through which he aims to improve global health needs in Central America. Besides medicine, you would find him learning new languages and exploring new cultures. He enjoys watching international movies and documentaries and reading about the universe and space exploration.


Ayodele Tyndall 

Ayodele Tyndall is a Master of Public Health student with a concentration in Nutrition at Liberty University. She is passionate about community education and nutrition intervention. Her interests in disease prevention through good nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits. Her goal is to equip individuals in the community with the knowledge to choose and live healthily.


Adriana Araica 

Adriana Araica was born in Managua, Nicaragua. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Community Health from George Mason University, with a concentration in Global Health. While completing her studies she worked at a small nonprofit dental organization, servicing the indigent population of Northern Virginia. As a Community Health worker for the Fairfax County Health Department, she aided clients to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently, she works as a family assistance worker, providing resources to the residents of Fairfax County, as well as finalizing her MPH studies. During her free time, she enjoys reading, watching documentaries, and spending time with her chihuahua, family, and friends.


Joyce Gonzalez 

My name is Joyce Gonzalez. I am originally from New York and have a big family as one of 8 siblings. I am a Navy veteran with over 15 years of navy service. I married a fellow sailor, and we have two beautiful boys, Sebastian (4) and Gabriel (7). I work for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, issuing permits and clearances for wastewater collection systems.   I am currently in the final year of my MPH at the University of Nevada Reno. I enjoy playing video games, reading, and spending quality time with my family in my spare time.


Erin Bates 

Erin Bates is a dentist in upstate New York with a background in private practice dentistry and an interest in global health. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia, she attended the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry. Erin completed a General Practice Residency at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine and then returned to her home state of Missouri to practice. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health through Liberty University with the aim of utilizing ongoing continuing education to augment her dental practice and enter the academic realm in the future. She is a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry and the American College of Dentists and enjoys having the opportunity to travel, spending time with her husband, and adventuring in the great outdoors with her dog.

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Meet Our 2022 Interns

Hello 2023! We are so grateful for all of our 2022 interns. We had a total of nine new interns join the team, as well as a few that stayed with us from previous semesters. We wanted to give you the opportunity to learn more about the people who made this past year possible. With their help we were able to complete nine projects, training over 140 Community Health Workers in El Salvador, Syria, Honduras, and Zimbabwe! Once again we want to say a big thank you and highlight our awesome interns


Fatou Cisse 

My name is Fatou, and I am an MPH student at the University of Miami. My experience consists of 10+ years of non-profit public health experience. My interests are in epidemiology and program development. I became interested in the field by observing inequities in underserved communities along with low levels of health literacy and its effects on the population’s disease conditions and overall health.  I have been involved in founding and consulting a non-profit foundation, supporting community-based programs, and using research data to plan and execute community interventions in underserved populations.


Ashley Richard 

My name is Ashley, and I am studying for my Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Global Health at Saint Louis University. I am passionate about partnering with communities to improve health and well-being, from the people’s perspective. I am excited to join the International HELP team!


Bobongile Nkala

My name is Babongile Blisset Nkala. I am a Registered Nurse and Master of Science in Public Health degree (MPH) candidate. I have vast experience working in TB & HIV research projects in Eswatini and Sierra Leone. I have worked within a variety of settings with diverse contexts thereby, providing me with valuable experiences. I am passionate about working closely with communities in countries with limited resources and various health system gaps to provide sustainable solutions.


Kelda Lee

I am an MPH Candidate at the Milken Institute School of Public Health at GWU. I am also working part-time as a Public Health & Community Development Consultant in Maputo, Mozambique where I currently live.


Kaitlyn Mikalic

Currently, I am a graduate student at Arcadia University in Philadelphia completing a dual MPH and MMS degree. I graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2020 with an undergraduate degree in Health Science. Personally, I enjoy the beach, listening to podcasts, and writing in my planner. Throughout my time in Orlando, I worked and volunteered for various organizations and health care clinics. I found my passion for public health through these experiences as I recognized just how important it is to not only treat diseases acutely but also take an upstream approach to understand the root of the problems people are experiencing. During the first few semesters of my MPH degree, my favorite classes were program planning and communications and through these classes, I’ve gained the knowledge and skills to create communication materials and programs that promote positive health behavior changes. I am very excited to put my new skills to work this spring and to learn even more from my new internship with International HELP. 


Djenabou Diallo

My name is Djenabou Diallo, an MPH in Epidemiology student at the University of Texas Health Science Center Houston at the San Antonio Regional Campus. I am originally from Guinea but moved to the United States in 2009. The health and science field has always been an interest of mine from a young age. I was fortunate to attend the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) for my undergraduate studies and earned my Bachelor of Science in Biology there. My undergraduate studies helped me hone in on microbiology and infectious diseases as my fields of interest. After a semester at UTSA graduate program in Microbiology and Immunology, I decided to pursue my master’s in public health. I hope to find my professional fulfilment in the public health field as an infectious disease epidemiologist that intersects research knowledge and advancement with everyday health measures and practice for the betterment of people’s health; be it locally or globally. My hobbies include cooking, visiting parks and museums, sleeping, and volunteering. As a practicum intern with an organization like International HELP who seeks to educate, empower, and equip future health leaders to serve their communities; I wish to take my first steps in public health practice learning as much as I can with a powerful mission and vison centered around sustainability and the communities I serve.    


Riley Connelly

Hi! My name is Riley, and I am a sophomore at Saint Louis University studying Public Health, International Studies, and Spanish. I hope to pursue an MPH in the future with concentrations in Global Health and Biosecurity/Disaster Preparedness. I am passionate about disease prevention, and I am so excited to work with this incredible organization to do just that! In my free time, I enjoy exploring coffee shops, taking outdoor walks, and reading.


Joanna Herrera

My name is Joanna Herrera, new intern for International Help. I have been a Registered Nurse for over 18 years and work in Los Angeles. I grew up in the Northern Virginia area. This is my last year in my Masters in Public Health degree in American Public University System. I love art, traveling, barre, nature walks, and writing.


Alicia Etwaru

Hi! My name is Alicia Etwaru and I am an MPH intern at International HELP. I studied Health Sciences on a pre-med track during undergrad where I was exposed to the field of public health. I am currently completing my 2nd year of the MPH program with a concentration in Urban Health at Northeastern University. I am passionate about community and global health with hopes to improve the health status of underserved communities. I look forward to working with International HELP as we learn from various cultures while educating and empowering individuals to take charge of their health. 

Fall 2021 Interns Photo
2021Graduate StudentsInternsMeet Our Team

Meet Our 2021 Fall Interns

This fall we have a new group of incredible interns helping with a variety of projects over the coming months. Those projects range from finalizing program details for training expansion in rural El Salvador, completing country profiles, and analyzing the needs of the community in Uganda and Zimbabwe, as well as updating and helping develop our Google Classroom software for remote training in Syria. We’re so excited to see all the amazing work they will do and the support they will provide to help us equip, empower, and educate local people around the globe. Welcome to the team!

Bassima Alodini

Hi! I am Bassima and I am from Yemen, which is known as Happy Yemen. I studied medicine and practiced many medical aspects focusing on primary health care. Volunteering and participating with young people and communities are the main drivers of my passion. Then studying global health in Bonn university, enhances my knowledge in empowering communities, organizing and planning projects and trying to manage the environment’s issues. As we need everyone to be healthy, this will not be without treating the unanimous health issues globally, and that is why I am here in this esteemed, valuable organization.


Giselle Correia

My name is Giselle, I live in Houston, Texas. I am currently attending Southern New Hampshire University, completing a Masters in Public Health Program. Global Health is my concentration and I am very excited to be a part of this program.


Kaitlyn Keely

I’m from Washington, IL, which is a small town 2 hours South of Chicago, and have recently moved to just outside of Asheville, NC. I’m currently a Senior at Boston University studying Health Science with hopes to pursue a Law Degree after graduation. In my free time, I love to explore the city of Boston and find new restaurants or sites to see.


Abigail Lipe

Hi! My name is Abigail, and I’m currently finishing up my Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas. My area of focus is tropical medicine and infectious disease, with particular interest in HIV and women’s health. Ultimately, after a few years of experience in the field, I hope to continue on to get a PhD in Epidemiology and become a professor of infectious disease!


Deena Ayesh

Deena is currently an undergraduate chemistry student at the University of California, Irvine. She aims to eventually study medicine and achieve her dream of becoming a pediatric intensivist for an international organization such as the World Health Organization of Doctors Without Borders. Alongside her full-time courseload, she works as a Starbucks barista and a freelance artist in her spare time. Her hobbies include human rights advocacy, jewelry-making, and learning different languages. During her internship with International HELP, Deena hopes to gain more insight in the process of addressing disparities for health education programs in underprivileged communities.

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The Difference Community Health Workers Can Make

As a physician practicing full-time in the United States, I see firsthand every day the end effects of people’s poor long-term health and lifestyle decisions…What I discovered was oftentimes people simply didn’t know a healthier way to live.