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We are always looking for more talented volunteers to help grow and expand our impact in communities around the world! Are you looking for a way to make a global impact with your skills and talents? Fill out our volunteer application and see how you can be a part of educating, empowering, and equipping!


We are looking for students who desire to make a lasting impact in a disadvantaged population by helping to develop a health program. We partner with established organizations to assess health needs and local resources, develop a sustainable health program, and train local community health workers. This could involve: Going to the project areas, assessing the community, assisting with health fairs and educational seminars, training healthcare workers, or gaining hands-on experience in developing health programs.

Assemble a Community Health Worker Kit!

Each Community Health Worker will receive medical equipment and first aid items in their kit. Extra items are things that we are always collecting and can use for the health workers. These items are given to each health worker we train, enabling them to help with first aid and basic medical care for the members of their communities. You can help provide each one of our Community Health Workers we train by assembling a kit! Click the button below to download the instructions on how!

More Ways You Can Help!


International HELP Shop

Check our our shop for t-shirts and tumblers that show your International HELP support! All profits go directly to support our current projects! Tell others about International HELP in a fun way with a tumbler or t-shirt.


Donate Office Equipment

Little or small, these items can help! Donate items such as a printer, computers, paper, pens, etc. For more information on how to give in-kind donations, please send us a message on our contact form.



Spread the Word

Follow our Social Media pages to stay up-to-date on what International HELP is doing, stories from Community Health Workers in the field, and chances to win International HELP giveaways!


Donate Medical Equipment

Items that may seem like a household item in the U.S. is not always common place in other countries. Part of our program is training locals to use basic medical equipment to prevent disease.  Ex: thermometers, blood pressure cuff and stethoscopes, blood glucose meters, first aid kit, and toothbrushes. Contact us below for more info.


Donate Air Miles

As we travel internationally to provide hands on health training to people in their communities, a large chunk of our costs is the expense to get there. You can help by donating air miles for these trips. Interested in donating a few of the items listed above? For more information on how to give in-kind donations, please send us a message on our form.