Who We Are

Our Mission

International HELP’s mission is to educate, empower and equip people in need to be health leaders in their community.

We train volunteers to be Community Health Workers, therefore giving them the health knowledge for issues specific to their community, namely those relating to nutrition, maternal health, water, sanitation and hygiene.

Our Approach

We are passionate about community involvement and ownership. We don’t just come in for a week, provide healthcare and leave; nor do we go to a community and stay there for several years, providing healthcare for them. Instead, we come alongside a local group of people to create a health program with the people’s involvement and innovation that will make the community stronger and give them the tools to improve their own health.

We never come into a community and tell them what they need. Instead, we work WITH them to learn what the community’s greatest healthcare needs are. This collaboration leads to sustainable results; but best of all, it gives the community a sense of pride knowing they are leading the charge that will change the course of their community.

Our Beginnings

International HELP started with one person’s experience working with a community in Nicaragua. Our founder partnered with a clinic in Nicaragua and trained local people to be health workers, providing them with the skills, resources, platform, and group structure necessary to positively influence the health in their community. The program was created in a way to be sustainable and effective, run by the local people. Out of this successful program, International HELP was started with the desire to implement that same model in many places throughout the world, transforming one community at a time.

Our Team

Monterey Starkey


“I’ve seen firsthand the value of community health outreach programs that not only prevent diseases and promote health, but also are sustainable and improve development of the whole community.”


Amber Harrison


``International HELP truly is a rare organization that is focused on creating sustainable programs that will make a lasting impact simply by increasing their knowledge on health education and prevention. It is an honor to be a part of the team and to work towards my passions every day.``


Nicole Goodhue


“I am thankful to be able to create purposeful and clearly communicated designs and media that help others and generate excitement about International HELP’s vision to empower communities.”


Stetson Starkey


“I am passionate about international development work after working in Asia, and I see the connection between public health programs and economic development.”


Our faithful volunteers help

make our work possible!

We are so thankful for the countless hours and efforts of our volunteers! They make our mission possible. See our dedicated group of volunteers and learn how you can use you can use your talents to empower others as a volunteer!

Board Members

Monterey Starkey


Dr. Richard Lane

Chairman of the Board

Andrea Perdomo


Stetson Starkey


Javier Gomez

Board Advisor