Shraddha Joshi

HR Coordinator

Emily Womble

Intern Coordinator

“I love the mission of International HELP and desire to be a part of helping those in need of health education, with the background of loving them to Christ.”

Kristin Bandy

Donor Relations

Hassan Barrie

Sierra Leone Project Coordinator

Mabel Obi

Nigeria Project Coordinator

“I understand and believe in the positive impact International HELP’s mission can have in a community. I am honored to be part of this wonderful organization.”

Deena Ayesh

Sarahi Quintanilla


“What may seem a simple health education principle to us can transform whole communities. I want to be part of that!”

Deborah Mcgarrah

Training Developer & Grant Writer

”I loved the vision of IHELP and I wanted to provide my educational skill set to contribute to its growth.”

Amin Njinju

Program Assistant

“I enjoy educating and talking to the community on healthy lifestyles that will prevent them from chronic diseases. My passion has been to educate, help, and assist the community.”

Hannah Dixon


Durga Domathota


Charlene Persons

Data Analytics

Sureena Mann

Michala Geraty