You are registered! Now it’s time to train.


Here are some next steps on what to do before, during, and after race week! 


  • Begin training and sharing 

    • Post on your social media, tagging us at @intnlhelp, your training and progress of reaching your goals! 
  • Share with your friends and family, and have them join in

    • Racing together is always more fun than by yourself; encourage your community to participate with you and create a fun event together! 
  • Help us fundraise 

    • Use your event as an opportunity to raise support for IHELP! Through a facebook fundraiser, email, or word of mouth (using and have people support your race!                   
    • There are also fun prizes for those who reach certain goals in fundraising: Raise $50 – free t-shirt, Raise $150 – hammock and t-shirt, Raise $ 200+ – gift basket, all the above and a gift card ($25)
  • Pick your race date

    • Since this is a virtual race, we are giving you the option of choosing a race day on the week of October 18th (you can also choose either weekends before or after as well). Gather your friends, choose a day, and have fun! 
    • We also would love to know what date you are choosing to race so we can cheer you on! 
  • Race day

    • On your race day, we want to see your pictures! 
    • Take pictures of the event (“before and after”, “you running”, “people cheering you on”, “your final time”, ect)
    • Tag us in your social media posts, and/or send us your pictures (
  • Post race 

    • Congrats! You did it! 
    • Once you have completed your race and sent us a picture of yourself running or completing the race, we will send you your free water bottle, any prizes you have won through fundraising, and some other goodies to celebrate! 


If you have any questions, please send us an email at


Thank you for your support and for making a difference in communities around the world!