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Ongole, India

Initial Training

In 2018, International HELP traveled to Ongole, India again. After seeing the success of the first training IHELP did in neighboring Yerajerla, India, IHELP was invited back by the Ongole Health Department to provide training for the current Community Health Workers (CHWs) in Ongole. While it was great that there was already a CHW group, these women were severely lacking in training and didn’t know even the most basic of first aid or health care. By providing IHELP’s training to this group, we significantly increased their ability to prevent diseases and deaths.

Training Topics

  • Vital Signs
  • Nutrition
  • Respiratory Illnesses & Care
  • First Aid
  • Mental Health
  • Hepatits
  • Parasites
  • Maternal Health

In India, we are poor people. But being a rich people, you came from America to India to teach us about valuable health issues. We didn’t know many things, but you taught us many things about the health issues to help others. You made us to help others. We thank you so much…Not only learning from you, but we may also teach to others as well. In our village we are putting community people through this training. We want to give the best health to our community, but not only to our community but to other communities as well…We thank you all so much!

– CHW in India




December 2018

# of Trained CHWs:



Initial Training

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