International HELP's Spring Interns 2021

Meet the New Interns at International HELP

May 21, 2020

International HELP is excited to welcome seven new interns for the spring of 2021. This group will be working in the areas of health care, dental education, marketing, and epidemiology. We are looking forward to working with these interns on creating planning materials for upcoming projects and advancing outward communications for International HELP.

Emily Holmes 

I am a senior in the Public and Community Health Program at Liberty University. My goal has been to work in the field of public health since I was eight years old. I am passionate about helping others through health education, specifically involving maternal and child health, global health, and mental health. I am excited to have the opportunity to intern at International HELP to serve my community. 


Evelyn Rizzo 

My current program is a MS- Health Economics and Clinical Outcomes Research at Xavier University. My interests are focused on distributive justice in healthcare and the use of evidence based research in healthcare coverage. My interest in this internship is the focus on health equity and the opportunity to improve health outcomes globally. I have traveled to El Salvador twice before for podiatric medical missions and I have a special interest in that region.

Alan Stevens 

After graduating from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, I accomplished residency and served as a flight surgeon in the US Air Force before settling down in the Kansas City area with my wonderful family.  Although I currently practice as an occupational medicine physician, my training also includes experience in family medicine, internal medicine, and psychiatry.  I am currently engaged in a Master’s of Public Health through the University of Florida to advance the health of my patients and correct disparities in working class individuals.  I am looking forward to developing training materials that will empower community health workers to sustainably improve the well-being of their friends and neighbors.  

Joslyn Solomon 

I am currently a student at Arcadia University completing the Master of Public Health portion of my dual degree in Public Health and Physician Assistant Studies. In my undergraduate coursework I studied Health Science and worked in multiple health care settings including long-term care, special needs care, and critical care. It was through the combination of these experiences that I learned the importance of health education, health promotion, and health communications. I am passionate about helping others by providing them with information and resources to continually help themselves, which is why the mission of International HELP resonates with me. I am excited to apply the knowledge I have learned through coursework and hands-on experience to my internship with International HELP.

Rukshan Sivarajah

I am currently finishing off my MPH with Liberty University. I have an academic background in biomedical sciences and extensive work experience in the mental health, fitness, and food service industries. I have managed/owned businesses in the industries I have worked in, and now have turned my full focus to public health with the wake of everything the world has gone through in 2020. A little about me is that my family is from Sri Lanka, but I was born and raised in Canada. I am a newlywed, married May 2020 enjoying my new found life with my partner. Personally, I love to make connections, I enjoy working out, and also like to have deep conversations about psychology. Looking forward to working with International HELP and being able to collaborate with the team as well. 

Uendy Garcia 

I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist (RT) for 18 years. I have a Bachelor of Science from the Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY.  I have worked collaboratively with physicians and other healthcare members, providing respiratory care to adults, pediatrics, and neonatal patients. I assisted the outpatient pulmonary clinic in educating patients on asthma management by evaluating current treatment plans and performing breathing tests, among other responsibilities.

Farah Delgado  

My name is Farah Delgado and I am a current senior at Boston University majoring in Health Science and minoring in Biology. I have vast experience in both clinical and non-clinical public health settings by serving both in the research field and the laboratory field. I have previously conducted research under the Department of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center and am continuing pursuing research as an undergraduate neonatology research assistant. Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to expand my knowledge within the public health field through experiences abroad such as volunteering in the Dominican Republic

Deondra Scott

I am Deondra Scott many call me Dee for short. I am a retired medic from the world’s greatest United States Air Force and currently reside in the state of Georgia however, I am originally from Florida. At this time, I am quite a hermit considering I do not have any family or friends here in the state of Georgia. I am currently pursing my second master’s degree with a focus in Public Health and a concentration in Global Health while my first masters focused on Public Administration. My military career provided me with the opportunity of serving all over the world within a healthcare setting. Since retirement am continuing my education and have volunteered with several non-profit organizations where I provided education, health aide, referrals, consults, research and initiated/created outreach programs for underserve and at risk individuals. 

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