Meet Our Grad Student, Sylvie

Meet Our Grad Student, Sylvie

Hi, my name is Sylvie Gaju. I am currently an intern at International HELP. I was interested in medical care since I was young, because I thought it was the best way for me to help people. I became a doctor, and providing medical care in hospitals and clinics helped me fulfill my wish. However, during the period I was working in the hospital, I realized that focusing on disease prevention could save more lives than just treating sick people. So, I decided to pursue a master’s in public health.


While I was searching for a site where to do my practicum project for graduate school, International HELP was one of the organizations that was recommended to me.  I liked the organization right away because International HELP aims to empower communities in order to help them improve themselves in their health and overall wellbeing. It is very exciting and interesting to be part of this team, and I have learned many things in the short time I have been working with them.



Above, is a picture of Sylvie with her daughter. We have been blessed to have Sylvie working with us on our Maryland Community Health Worker project and look forward to future work.

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