Help Send Medical Supplies to Current CHWs


Shortages during COVID-19

August 6, 2020

All across the world people are having to adjust to this global pandemic. At International HELP, we have focused our efforts on providing more support for our already trained Community Health Workers (CHWs) on the ground. Right now, CHWs are even more essential, as countries with large disparities in the healthcare industry may now be completely overwhelmed. Proper COVID-19 information is sparse, and getting care from a hospital may not be an option. We train our CHW’s to help with disease prevention and to treat respiratory and fever symptoms.

For people in the communities where we work who contract COVID-19 or have other illnesses during this time, CHW’s guidance may be the only option and prove to be life-saving.

One of the biggest feedbacks we’ve received from our CHWs is the need for supplies in order for them to help their community. Basic health supplies — such as thermometers, hand sanitizers, and masks — are extremely difficult for our Community Health Workers to obtain in their areas.  While we typically don’t send medications or medical supplies post-training, as it’s not part of our sustainable model, this is an unprecedented event. 

So, we’re asking for your help!
International HELP will be sending critical supplies to our CHWs in Haiti, El Salvador, and Nigeria. These items will allow them to help their community and keep themselves and their families safe:
  • Thermometers — Most people do not have a thermometer available to them. Our CHWs are trained to take temperature and treat high fevers when needed
  • Masks — In some places, in order for the CHWs to leave their homes and do a house visit, they are required to wear masks. If they don’t have one, they can’t go visit a sick child or person needing their help. 
  • Hand sanitizer — This simple supply will help keep the CHW safe during visits and prevent diseases from spreading. Some houses do not have soap readily available for a CHW to wash their hands before and after a visit. 
  • Additional training materials — While our certified CHWs have already received training on basic disease prevention and treatment for respiratory and illnesses, we will be sending them additional health materials for them and the community focusing on COVID-19 and at home care and first aid.

You can help be a part of providing these life-saving supplies by purchasing them directly from our Amazon wish list or donating funds to help purchase supplies. Log into your Amazon account then go to to see and purchase needed items. We will be sending our first supply shipment to El Salvador on August 22!

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