Happy 2 year Anniversary!

Today is our 2 year anniversary! Wow! Even as I type those words I can hardly believe it. I remember the day we filed our papers and received 501c3 status just like it was yesterday. It truly is amazing to me all that we have been able to accomplish within this short time period, as it is a testament to the power of a group of like-minded people who come together for a common goal. Ours is to end preventable diseases by empowering people in need with health education. It sure is powerful!

Here’s a quick recap of our first 2 years as an organization:

  • 5 projects have been completed in 3 different countries – Honduras, the United States, & El Salvador
  • 87 community health workers educated to help serve their communities
  • 13 community assessments conducted
  • 15 new partnerships with local nonprofits, churches, and community groups

When I read this list, I’m excited and encouraged; but perhaps the most encouraging thing to me isn’t the big numbers, but the individual lives that have been influenced. I think of multiple now trained health workers who lost 15+ lbs simply by applying the things they learned to their own lives first. I think of the stories of families who have been changed like the 2 boys who were obese but are now eating and living healthy thanks to their health worker mom’s new habits in the home. And I think of the stories from the health workers who have gone out into their community, for example taking blood pressure for high-risk people who have never had it taken before, or taking the temperature of a sick child and advising the mother on what to do in areas with little to no health care. Multiple of our health workers have put on their own health fairs for their communities and have gone into the local schools to teach hand-washing and good sanitation to the children. These stories make me fall in love with our mission and work again and again.


We have a lot we’re already looking forward to in the first months of 2018:

  • 5 projects currently in progress in Haiti, India, El Salvador, NY, & Ecuador
  • 1 new project in MD starting in January
  • 125 local volunteers to be trained as health leaders in their community, preventing diseases and changing lives

And that is just the start! I want to give a huge shout out to our team, interns, and volunteers. I’m extremely thankful for these people who have worked hard to make our mission a reality!


I’m grateful not only for our team, but for all our donors, partners, and supporters who have made all this possible. Thanks for being a part of this journey! 

~ Monterey

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