7 Aug

Help Send Medical Supplies to Current CHWs

1 Jun

The Importance of Empowerment

13 May

Intern Prepares for Community Health Worker Training in Sierra Leone

International HELP creates opportunities for both communities and students. Read more about Hassan Barrie’s experience to learn more about the projects he helped progress and the public health skills he gained. I started my practicum with International Help in May 2019. It was a 16 week practicum experience that ended in September 2019. Since then, I have been a volunteer working as a Coordinator for the Sierra Leone project.

10 Jul

Working to Change Community Health in Nigeria

This program focuses on training community health workers (CHWs) in Oba to address preventable diseases in the community. Community Health Workers are vital to achieving the goals of healthier communities.

6 Feb

Water, a Necessity for Life

Nearly 1 billion people in the world lack access to potable (drinkable) water, mainly those living in third world countries. In these areas, women and children often have to travel to collect clean water. This can even affect the ability of children to go to school.

4 Jul

Training in Tonacatepeque, El Salvador

They were excited, not simply because they were receiving recognition, but they were excited to be part of something so amazing and were ready to begin impacting their church and community.

12 Apr

16 Women Rise to the Challenge of Empowering Their Communities

Before the beginning of the training, they took a pre-test that indicated that they have an idea on at least 1 health problem. They will equally receive a post-test and a post evaluation...

28 Feb

CHW’s Eager to Serve with New Health Knowledge in India

When Monterey first asked me if I would go with her to start a CHW (Community Health Worker) training in India, I was a little overwhelmed. We have done a lot of great projects, but they were all in the US or Central America.

31 Jan

Excitement in India

10 Nov

Community Health Workers in New York

With my current work in community outreach and health education here in the states, I was really grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the mission of international HELP for one of their domestic projects. Thanks to a new partnership with AME Assembly of God, International HELP will be able to extend a community health […]